A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



We believe that the key to true recovery comes from changing the way an addict thinks about addiction and the impact it has on their lives. By teaching struggling addicts how to think differently, their attitude and beliefs regarding their power over addiction changes, allowing them to relinquish irrational fears that have been holding them back from embracing sustained wellness.

At TIME Recovery Center, we have truly embraced a supportive, respect-based model of care where individuals are free to be themselves. Because every individual is different, so too should be their recovery plan. In addition to addressing the addiction, our support team works with the addict to discover any underlying disorders that could prevent them from succeeding in recovery.

In order for a recovery plan to be truly effective and obtain lasting results, it needs to also be comprehensive. We help our clients learn healthy coping strategies, eliminate destructive behaviors, and recognize their self-worth by not allowing them to define themselves based on their addiction. Recovery IS possible, and our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve it.


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