A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



Things I Must Earn (TIME) was founded by a group of individuals who have each found success in recovery from drugs and alcohol. It was their desire to teach others struggling with addiction how to embrace a life of sobriety that served as a catalyst to the creation of TIME. In addition to TIME Recovery Center, TIME has also established TIME Sober Living—a peer-supported recovery community that guides its residents through their transition back into society as a sober individual.


Our mission is to use all of our available resources to help free our clients from their own irrational beliefs regarding addiction and its power over them. Lasting sobriety IS possible. Every day, addicts all over the world are seeking out treatment for their addictions and succeeding. At TIME Recovery Center, we aim to reshape the way our clients think about addiction so that they may recognize that they are stronger than these mind-altering substances and can truly embrace sustained wellness.


Our vision is that one day, every addict or alcoholic seeking recovery shall have a safe, structured and affordable treatment center and residential facility where they may be free of all mind and mood-altering substances while finding the opportunity for a new way of life.