A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



TIME Recovery Center is located on N. Military Trail between Belvedere Road and Okeechobee Boulevard in 1489 Plaza. As an outpatient treatment center dedicated to addiction recovery, we recognize that our clients will want to engage in activities that promote sustained wellness when they aren’t actively attending to their treatment program. Our facility is strategically positioned in a well-centralized area rich in employment and positive recreational opportunities, all easily accessible by various modes of public transportation. With neighboring businesses supporting therapeutic modalities such as recreational exercise, spa treatments, acupuncture, and chiropractic services—all within 10 minutes of our location—we ensure that our clients are able to get the comprehensive care that they need to fully embrace sobriety.

In addition to offering a number of diverse programs and therapies, we provide complimentary breakfast and lunch to our clients depending on the time of day they are in treatment.