A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



Our most valuable resource is our dedicated and compassionate clinical and management team. TIME was founded by individuals who have found success in recovery from drugs and alcohol, and it was their vision to share these experiences with others that prompted the creation of TIME Recovery Center. Our team of experts help to guide our residents through their individual journeys to recovery. We’ll work together to promote a feeling of self-worth within the recovering individual, while teaching them the skills they need to be successful on their own and achieve sustained wellness.



Erika I. Gonzalez — Co-Founder and CEO

Erika Gonzalez, a founding member of TIME’s Sober Living, had the vision for this endeavor during a cup of coffee on the patio with 3 friends. They each dreamed that one day (much later in life) they would open up a halfway house that was not about the money but more about having a vested interest in people.

Erika has been in the substance abuse field since 2011. Her career started off at a call center as an admissions coordinator for one of the largest treatment providers in Palm Beach County. It was there that she learned how to form a bond and level of trust with someone reaching out for help for the first time. Her ability to connect with people on a deep emotional level coupled with her personal experience gave people an opportunity for hope. Erika continued to challenge herself and eventually her hunger for personal development landed her as Director of Admissions at another more boutique style treatment facility.

At TIME, Erika is best at helping clients with the beginning stages of job placement. Her forte is resume building. That one-on-one time with them is about hearing their stories, their struggles and then seeing them work through them with a little guidance and encouragement from the team. Personally, Erika is very passionate about her family. “They give me the strength to persevere even when I don’t want to.” Erika is a huge supporter of the YWCA because it’s for women by women.

Personal recovery has played a huge part in the path that led her to this business, especially the strong, beautiful women that came into her life as a result of her sobriety. Success for her will be determined when she is remembered as someone who took such a dark period in her life and through that experience helped many people understand the power of addiction and how much greater God is.


Moises Gonzalez — Co-Founder

Moises Gonzalez, best known as Moe, is one of the co-founders of TIME. He and Erika have been married for 14 years and have 4 children. Family life for him wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies as it is today. During those rough times, Moe had to lean on strong supports in Al-Anon. From the fellowship he learned that he “didn’t cause it, can’t control it nor can he cure it”. This way of life has contributed to the TIME community as he is able to develop relationships not only with the clients but also the family.

Professionally, Moe’s role as Managing Director enables him to establish a sense of community. He is responsible for the maintenance of the property and making sure the clients have everything they need from us in order to learn how to live in recovery. The guys at TIME North look to him for advise on healthy eating and exercise. Daily, he takes them to the gym and works out with them. He believes so much more happens during that hour than lifting weights. Recovery is a three-fold process of mind, body and spirit.


Kaitlin Myerson — Program Director

Kaitlin Myerson, M.B.A., is our Client Development Specialist at TIME’s Sober Living accommodations. Originally from Woburn, MA, Kaitlin earned her Bachelors Degree in Business from Assumption College in 2008 and later her MBA with a Specialization in Healthcare Administration from South University in 2015.  After years of battling alcoholism, Kaitlin was willing to relocate to Florida for extended treatment, where she was able to find hope and a new way of life. Kaitlin is a dedicated and highly motivated individual who holds a strong passion for recovery and helping those who are struggling from the disease of addiction.  By using her personal experience and education, her goal is to help each client begin the process of reaching their full potential and to learn how to live sober, one day at a time. Kaitlin was recently married this past May and enjoys cooking, beach days, and spending quality time with friends, her husband Scott, and new black lab puppy, Henry.


Juliet Robinson, BS, CAP, MHC Intern — Clinical Director

Juliet has a dual bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies, specializes in both business administration and health service administration with a concentration in marketing. She has over 7 years’ experience working in the field of residential and outpatient substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment. She is currently candidate of 2016 at Palm Beach Atlantic University where she is pursuing her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling; working towards Florida State Licensure (LMHC). Juliet is a Certified Addiction Professional, recognized by the state of Florida as well as holding an associates degree in Billing and Coding.

Juliet focuses her efforts on utilizing evidence base practices in counseling. She is passionate and has expertise in treating adolescents and adults. Juliet’s most recent position include clinical director at a dual diagnosis program, six years as a unit secretary, case manager, primary therapist, and assistant clinical director. She conducts relapse prevention, chemical dependency, gambling, mood disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.), coping skills, effective communication skills, gender issues, family systems, self-esteem, and anger management groups. In addition, Juliet’s provides leadership in many clinical disciplines such as therapy, attitudes, and values ensuring clients continuity of care. Her goal is to provide unmatched clinical care and support to clients suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorder.


Jeff Alshin, MS., LPC, CAP, CET  Group Facilitator and Utilization Review Director

Jeff has over 40 years of experience in the mental health addiction and utilization management profession working across a variety of settings including non-profit and private facilities. He has a broad range of experience including children, adolescents and adults in both addiction and mental health areas. He has been a primary therapist as well as consultant in both individual and group modalities, with experience in mental health and addiction. Having experienced numerous editions and revisions of both the DSM and ASAM, Jeff continues to remain current and understands treatment is about the individual in the continuum of levels of care.


Guerline Seraphin  Primary Therapist

Guerline is a compassionate benevolent charismatic individual, who loves to help families that are in need. She is an extraordinary individual who believes in mending the broken hearts of broken families by extending a helping hand on bridging the gap. Guerline have worked along with several independent contracting agencies as Mental Health Practitioners over the period of 13 years combined, assisting children, adolescents, and families that are in need. Guerline is an individual with moral values of family orientation, multicultural, diversity, and who believes families problems can and should always be mended no matter the extent of their troubles. Guerline has volunteered working along with Annointed Youth Shelter Inc. for a period of 6 years combined as Lead consultant’s therapist helping substance abuse individuals, troubled youth by engaging them with creating long term and short term goals, creating treatment plan to help them reach a solution focus aim, Guerline have helped youth and young adults in crises situation in a positive and responsive way. Guerline received her Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Florida Metropolitan University in 2002, obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Lynn University in 2005, and obtained her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology at Capella University in 2009; Register Mental Health Counselor, Certified in support services for drug addicted and currently working on her PH.D in Counseling Psychology at Walden University anticipated graduation 2016.


Andrew Carraccio  Supervisor of Operations 

Andrew (Andy) Carraccio is originally from Philadelphia, PA. He came to Florida in 2006 to get sober. He was a resident of the Fern House from February 2006 until November 2006. He became a live-in manager for ODAAT House from November 2006 until January 2011. He held a variety of supervisory positions at Wal-Mart including a Department Manager position in the pharmacy. He returned to the recovery field working as a Behavioral Health Technician with TIME where now he serves as Supervisor of Operations.  He is an active member of A.A. with several long time sponsees. He has been married since February 2, 2012. He has one son, three stepchildren, and five wonderful grandchildren.


Stephanie Estrada Office Manager

Stephanie Estrada, originally from New Jersey but raised in West Palm Beach, Florida is our Office Manager at T.I.M.E. Recovery Center. She graduated from Palm Beach State College in 2012 with an A.S. in Paralegal Studies and was working in the legal field since 2011.

She is the youngest of three daughters. Due to her eldest sibling’s addiction, she has witnessed the devastating effects that it brings to a family. She has also been blessed to witness the joyous transformation of sobriety. It is because of this blessing that she has been able to see lives be touched through T.I.M.E. and decided to make a career change into the mental health and addiction field. She could not be more excited to share her story and be of service to the community.

The blessing of her sister’s sobriety has also made her family closer than ever allowing them to spend quality time together frequently.  Her primary indulgence is travel and has been able to visit over ten countries and nine states with her family and friends. She also enjoys solo road trips to St. Petersburg and Tallahassee to visit friends and takes advantage of the empty car to jam out to her favorite bands like The Beatles, Death Cab for Cutie, The Black Keys, and the White Stripes.


Wesley Jenson Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Wesley originally from Maryland, came to Florida in May of 2014 in search of a new way of life. Wes will be the first one to tell you, it wasn’t easy to get to a place of surrender. After multiple attempts at sobriety, he accepted treatment in an inpatient facility located in Lake Worth, Florida. Wes was ready to go to any lengths for his recovery and willing to take all of the suggestions given to him by the clinical staff at the treatment center. One of which involved not returning to Maryland. His therapist presented him with various sober living options. This is when he was introduced to the team at TIME Sober Living. It was on June 11th, 2014 that he became the very first client of TIME. Through his journey, he remained sober, worked a program of recovery and was able to return to Maryland to clear up the wreckage of his past. He also celebrated a year of sobriety and kept in contact with friends and staff from TIME. Upon returning to Florida, Wesley felt he was ready to move on to the next chapter in his life story. He moved out of the sober living community and was offered a position as a behavioral health technician at TIME. His productivity and hard work was once again recognized and he now serves as the Clinical Outreach Coordinator for TIME Recovery Center. His role requires marketing, networking and developing relationships with other treatment providers.

Wesley has countless goals for personal and professional growth. One of which includes going back to further his education to be of maximum service to those in need to help. Particularly in the behavioral health field.  When not at work or a meeting, you will find Wesley working out at the gym, hanging out with a few close friends, or customizing a vehicle in one way or another.