A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis is the simultaneous experience of mental illness—such as a mood disorder—and the disease of addiction. People who suffer from these kinds of co-occurring disorders require dual diagnosis treatment, a special form of therapy that combines and utilizes the most effective forms of mental health care with those of addiction treatment. At TIME Recovery Center, we treat the individual, not just the addiction. We work with our clients closely to come up with a comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plan that will identify and address any underlying issues present, providing our clients with the best chance possible at sustained wellness.

How Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Work?

Through the most common method of dual diagnosis treatment, the individual in recovery receives separate but parallel expert care for their mental illness as well as their substance addiction. While the treatments for mental illness and addiction in dual diagnosis treatment are kept separate, it is imperative that they be administered alongside each other as treating the addiction before treating the mental illness—or vice versa—can lessen the chances of the client’s recovery. It is for this reason that dual diagnosis treatment has proven to be so effective, as the chances of a full recovery and long-lasting sobriety are significantly improved with synchronized treatment of both mental illness and addiction. Our staff is made up of experts within the mental health and addiction fields who are committed to working diligently to treat all of the issues that contribute to our clients’ suffering.