A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



At TIME Recovery Center, our treatment programs are established through evidence-based practices that have been proven to induce and preserve sobriety, and take into account the developmental stage of the client. With widespread clinical research and treatments tailored to the individual needs of the addict in recovery, TIME Recovery Center offers a variety of progressive addiction care and mental health treatment options to our clients.


Holistic Programs

What is Holistic Rehabilitation?

Holistic rehabilitation is the process of addiction recovery in which the body is detoxified without the use of medications. Holistic programs utilize various healing techniques that focus on the improvement or restoration of the individual’s mental, physical and spiritual health. Patients within a holistic program have the opportunity to participate in activities like meditation, counseling, and exercise.

What do Holistic Programs Offer?

Holistic programs tend to offer the same treatment options as their more traditional counterparts, such as a 12-Step Fellowship. Some holistic programs, however, also offer additional benefits like organic meal plans, physical activities, meditative exercises, music and art therapy, and more. The programs listed below are considered to be sub-sections of holistic programs, and are available at TIME Recovery Center for any addict looking to positively impact their life.


Spiritual Programs

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is often confused with religion, which is actually not the case at all. Spirituality is, simply put, a personal search for purpose and a need to connect to things outside of oneself.

What Role Does Spirituality Play in Addiction Recovery?

Addiction destroys an individual’s ability to be spiritual by weakening the connection within oneself, and between the self and others. Spiritual addiction treatment programs allow for reconnection and a revitalized sense of purpose, helping to renew all that addiction took away. At TIME Recovery Center, we offer a spirituality-based treatment program designed to assist addicts with rediscovering who they are in a calming environment that allows them to heal and achieve sustained wellness without the paralyzing effects of drugs and alcohol.


Family Programs

Addiction destroys more than just the addict’s health and ability to function in—and contribute to—the society in which they live. It also devastates those closest to them, like their family and friends. The trauma, stress and secrecy—symptoms that frequently accompany the disease of addiction—start to tarnish these intimate relationships, leaving scars behind. At TIME Recovery Center, we help to repair these damaged friendships and familial relationships by nurturing the addict back into a more stable place of mind.

What Can I do to Help my Loved One?

Since the effects of addiction can greatly impair the dynamic of any relationship, intervention through the help of a family program allows for the family as a whole to not only be supportive, but also part of an all-encompassing recovery process that is physical, psychological and emotional. At TIME Recovery Center, we offer family counseling services so that everyone impacted by the disease of addiction may start to heal.


Intervention Programs

Understanding the disease of addiction, identifying destructive behaviors, and seeing the negative effects of addiction are all key aspects to achieving and maintaining sustained sobriety. Often, the addict’s awareness of these things is sparked through intervention. The intervention program offered at TIME Recovery Center encourages the involvement of friends, family, or anyone that shares a close personal relationship with the client, in order to gently but effectively draw out this awareness. Through formal intervention, addicts become more likely to fully investigate the underlying causes of their addiction and actively seek out help to address them.


Gender-Based Programs

When considering options for addiction treatment programs, it is imperative to remember that the recovery journey is different for every addict. It is also important to bear in mind that these differences are most apparent between men and women in recovery. At TIME Recovery Center, understanding gender-based differences in addiction recovery is not only pertinent to discovering the underlying cause of the addiction, but also necessary so that individuals may receive the most effective addiction treatment available.

While the physical effects of substance addiction are similar among men and women, the respective causes of the addiction and needs of the addict are almost always different. Various studies concerning gender-specific addiction have shown that while women abuse substances at lower dosages than men, women more frequently develop a serious addiction. As a result, women are more likely to feel shame over their addiction and less likely to seek out the specialized treatment they so desperately need, lessening their chances of achieving long-lasting sobriety.

However, with the availability of specialized gender-specific treatment programs, both men and women appear to make more significant progress as compared to mixed-gender treatment programs. Clients in recovery also tend to prefer gender-specific treatments due to the level of privacy, and because of this they are more likely to exhibit a willingness to heal. Programs that cater specifically to the separate needs of men and women in recovery are not only more comforting for the addict, but also allow clients to communicate the issues surrounding their addiction, as well as their experiences and goals to others who might share them.