A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



We offer an extensive variety of tested addiction treatment therapies that have been proven to inspire sobriety and improve physical health. At TIME Recovery Center, every single one of our clients is important to us. We take the time to work together with each of our clients to design a personalized addiction treatment program enhanced by effective and motivational therapies. Any of the following forms of therapy are available for TIME Recovery Center clients, including integrative therapies that combine evidence-based techniques with the unique needs of the client and their family.


Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is widely considered to be one of the most creative approaches to addiction recovery. Holistic therapy offers support to addicts in recovery in a way that inspires them to heal themselves at their own pace through individualized treatment plans, which involve a number of social, physical, mental and spiritual activities. This patient-focused approach to recovery applies a number of different programs to address all aspects of the patient’s addiction, as well as individualized treatment and relapse prevention plans.

Some examples of holistic therapy include yoga, physical therapy, nutrition therapy, and general exercise, all aimed at bringing about a sense of revitalization. These approaches are available to clients at TIME Recovery Center so that they may have a chance to detoxify their bodies, establish a healthy lifestyle, and rebuild their lives. It is for these reasons that holistic therapy is proven to have a higher success rate than other addiction recovery therapies.


Mental Health Therapy

Often, individuals afflicted with the disease of addiction are also suffering from a co-occurring mental disorder. Achieving lasting sobriety for addicts in recovery is nearly impossible if they don’t first identify and challenge the underlying mental health issues exasperated by their substance addiction. At TIME Recovery Center, our team of certified professionals use mental health therapy to treat mental disorders and disabilities that are connected to addiction, all while ensuring the comfort of our clients.


Activity-Based Therapy

Through the use of activity-based therapy, clients can engage in a wealth of activities to stimulate their minds as they work to cleanse their bodies of built-up toxins. Activity-based therapies give recovering addicts the chance to express themselves without the use of words, a necessary requirement of private and group therapy sessions. By providing our clients with the opportunity to take advantage of activity-based therapies, we help them feel comfortable in their own skin, bringing a sense of comfort and liberation to patients in the form of creative accomplishments and tranquil contentment.

How Can Activity-Based Therapy Help Recovery?

The pursuance and practice of therapies like cooking, art, music, creative writing and even fitness not only provides an expressive outlet for patients, but also gives our experienced therapists the opportunity for more comprehensive observations and assessments of client progress. In addition, these therapies can spark the discovery of new interests or reawaken old hobbies that have since been lost to addiction; these passions can remain with clients long after recovery, diminishing the chance of relapse.


Group Therapy

Group therapy is when a therapist sees and treats multiple clients at once. These group sessions allow patients to openly discuss their struggles and share their thoughts with others who are experiencing the same or similar forms of addiction. At TIME Recovery Center, we work to promote an environment where individuals actively participate in the giving and receiving of addiction recovery, allowing clients to learn from the successes and failures of their peers.

Why Is Group Therapy Important?

In this form of therapy, clients can receive help and support from both the therapist and their peers while battling the misconception that recovering from addiction must be done alone. Group therapy, of all the treatments available at TIME Recovery Center, is believed to be the most successful in drawing connections between patients through emotional commonality and mutual support, both of which provide the addict with a better chance at achieving sobriety and sustained wellness.