A Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Center



At TIME Recovery Center, we welcome anyone willing to change their life for the better, as long as they are consistent in their desire to remain sober. Unlike other outpatient treatment facilities, we embrace recovering addicts for as long as they wish to remain committed to our program, with no forced timeline or fixed end date.



Call (561) 530-4242 to speak with our Director of Admissions and CEO, Erika Gonzalez, to set up a time to come in for your initial intake assessment and receive a tour of our facility. Once accepted, we’ll pick you up directly from your treatment facility and you’ll attend orientation.


Treatment Programs

Throughout your treatment at TIME Recovery Center, we will continue to work closely with your previous primary therapist to create and execute a treatment plan that builds upon and enhances your previous program. Your treatment plan will be comprehensive and based upon your individual needs to ensure the success of your sustained recovery.


Family Services

At TIME Recovery Center, we have therapists who specialize in the field of family counseling. We encourage family members to check in on a weekly basis on the status of their loved one’s treatment, and to engage in family therapy to help repair damaged relationships.



Once the time comes for you to be discharged, you won’t have to stress about what comes next. Our therapists will have worked with you up until this point to come up with an aftercare plan that best suits your needs. We also offer a number of alumni services to help you stay connected with what has worked for you in the past.